Proven success, unrivaled depth and experience

We are an interdisciplinary, global practice with more than 50 lawyers across four continents. Our partners are pioneers in this field and have decades of experience working together as one cohesive team on everything from complex litigation to day-to-day counseling, to designing restrictive covenants and integrated compensatory plans.

We have seen it all, many times. Consider the situation where your company’s executive in charge of product or business development just resigned to join a direct competitor. Or you just learned about an opportunity to bring in a high-performing team from another company in your firm’s field. Or you are designing a multimillion-dollar bonus arrangement with forfeiture and retention features. When faced with situations that pose huge risks and equally outsized opportunities, our team can help no matter where you are located and whatever the issue or industry. 

We do not just “dabble” in this area. Our lawyers understand the nuanced intersections of what others consider separate disciplines – employment, intellectual property, executive compensation and trade secrets – and how those intersections play out in adversarial and other settings. We have also dedicated considerable time and resources to knowledge management, which allows us to access data, prepare documentation and draft pleadings and respond to other client needs in a prompt and cost-efficient manner

Areas of Focus

  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-solicitation (customer and employee) agreements
  • Trade secret litigation, including the Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • Executive compensation (bonus, retention, carry and other compensatory schemes)
  • IP ownership agreements
  • Unfair competition


  • Raiding/lift-outs
  • Multijurisdictional litigation and counseling
  • Compensation/equity/retention arrangements
  • Clawbacks and forfeitures
  • Injunction proceedings
  • Employee handbooks
  • Transactional/due diligence issues
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